What my computer sees What my computer sees
ongoing documentation and concept
Interview at the Geneva International Filmfestival's Swiss Interactive Sessions 2020

This project questions the intimacy with our digital devices – in particular – my relationship with my laptop. In a time where we cover up our cameras on our devices to not feel observed, I let my device take pictures of me on purpose. Everytime I activate my computer, it takes a picture with its built-in camera. I wonder what my computer "sees" all day while I work on it, using it as a "tool“. We spend lots of hours on our devices. I experience this kind of intimacy only with people I spend a lot of time with.

Here I visualize what my computer sees – treating the built-in camera like its „eyes“. Like in „human“ relationships, I let my computer take pictures of me. Taking this pictures, I let the viewer take part of this intimate relationship I have with my computer. It sees me with and without makeup, dressed up and in my pj’s, happy, bored, angry, inspired, concentrated.

Collaborative Project with Ramona Sprenger.
What My Computer Sees What My Computer Sees